SnitchClick.COM was designed to Help keep our roads safe. Be a hero, and report the terrible behavior we all see ever day. Its time we take back our roads. How dare these monsters make it impossible to safely commute to work, school and life. Now its our turn. Its time to step up. Be A Hero.
Please Drive Safe. DO NOT be distracted by this or other apps.
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A New Revolution A new revolution has occurred. Every day, all over the world, the good safe drivers are increasingly held hostage by the surge of violators, making it miserable for the rest of us. Driving is dangerous business. Let’s all work together and purge the roads of these fools. It all starts with reporting.
How Thanks to recent advances in phone technology, Snitch Click, does not require an app, simply visit from your smart phone to begin. Because snitch click does not require an application, we encourage a greater number of users to participate in the most exciting community policing program ever conceived.
What Snitch click, when on is always recording. If something noteworthy happens, simply click the button that most closely corresponds to the bad activity you have just or about to witness. Snitch click will go back approximately 15-30 seconds, and collect 30 seconds of additional footage as the event unfolds. The footage is automatically, sent to our secure servers. You can review your personal reports at any time.
What We Capture A video of the offender’s Actions from both before and after you press the report button The location of the event The approximate speed of the offenders We use optical character recognition to capture the offenders plate
Who Can See This Data You can see your own reports Your reports are instantly available to law enforcement nationwide and locally The data is available for review i
Can Corporations Access This Data We continue to develop relationships with delivery companies to allow access to reports on their fleets to increase safety and awareness of their delivery infrastructure. We/They strongly encourage you to report dangerous behavior of delivery personell, as this will increase safety for all. This information is made available in aggregate form to insurance companies as well, in order to aid in safety and business development.
Secure and Anonymous Snitch click requires no login. All reports are 100% percent anonymous. Its perfectly OK, to over report, as each report is reviewed to determine its ranking and need for urgent reporting to authorities.
Permanent Record Each report is permanent. This data can be used to fight crime and keep a birds eye view on the worst of the worst. Most reports will not rise to the level of police intervention.
How it Happens Now You witness an out of control driver. Normally you wouldn’t say anything, but this time they you figure if you don’t, then someones going to get hurt. You call 911, report the car color and approximately where you are. The police then typically report it on the radio approximately 10-15 minutes later. All cars more or less, keep a lookout for the vehicle.
Why this Fixes It. When you use snitch click to report dangerous drivers and hazards, the video, and coordinated time/gps can provide law enforcement with the up to the second information they need to help enforce and capture the worst of the worst. We compile daily regional lists, highlighting the worst behavior, by offender when possible to assist in identifying and reigning in the habitual offenders by providing evidence for past, current and future crimes
Should I Feel Bad About Snitching No. You know this behavior is wrong. We all need to take a stand. These drivers feel nothing about you and your safety. The difference between you and them is vast. Your willing to take a stand with your fellow citizens and save countless lives every day. These roads belong to all of us.
What if Someone Catches me On SnitchClick? Why worry. Just drive safe. If your concerned about someone using this product to record your bad behavior, my advice is correct your behavior, or prepare to be accountable like never before. This product is used to record activity on public roads and highways.